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The PM spawns alongside the bodyguards on a hill in the centre of the Countryside. The cops spawn in a small town to the north-east of the PM. The terrorists spawn on a farm to the far east of the map. The psychopaths spawn seperately at randomly selected locations drawn from a list of pre-defined points. This is all illustrated on the map to the left.

There are various weapon spawns throughout the map, which have been taken directly from single player GTA.

Tasks for the Prime Minister

  • The terrorists contract an illness and consequently spawn with half their health gone.
  • The PM intercepts an import of weaponry (gains weapons).
  • 4 minutes is taken off the round timer.
  • The PM will become invisible on the radar for 60 seconds.
  • The PM finds a minigun on an abandoned boat.
  • The PM will gain access to any vehicle on the map, including fast cars and bikes.
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