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What is Protect the Prime Minister?

Protect the Prime Minister is an MTA gamemode, in which your task depends on the chosen side of fight, quite like a battle between good and evil with a twist.

One person becomes the Prime Minister. Prime Minister's task is map-dependent - he may have to survive for a given period of time, or complete objectives to win (on some maps, completing those objectives is optional and aids the minister with some help, whilst his task remains just trying to survive). If he gets killed by anybody, the game's over.

The Prime Minister isn't alone though - he has his suite of bodyguards to protect him and the city cops, whose aim is to prevent the terrorists (who have to kill the PM) from reaching the minister.

There's also the notorious team of psychopaths, whose aim can be anything, most likely to take down everything in sight, but they might aid the terrorist or even the bodyguard team, but it's up to you if you trust them.

All classes, except for psychopaths (who have random spawnpoints) spawn in places set as a base for a team.

Basic class roles


The bodyguard is the first force protecting the prime minister. They spawn the closest to him, and should protect him on the road to one of the first hideouts. Bodyguards should listen to the PM's plans and make sure he gets there safely. Some players forget about this, and that's why the PM dies.


Cops are meant to fight the terrorists. While the bodyguards drive the PM around, protecting him on the road, they give cops enough time to prepare a well defended hideout to give the PM a safe entry. When the hideout is secured, the bodyguards can drive the PM towards the hideout without any danger. The main goal of cops is to keep the terrorists away from the PM.


Your job is pure, clean, and simple: Kill the PM. Well, this is easier said than done, you have 2 different classes on your ass as soon as you get close to the PM. There are a few methods how the terrorists have more chance of killing the PM.


This is the default class you get when you just hit the spawn button. This for a reason: psychopaths can kill anyone. If they feel like to get to know the game better they'll chose cop or terrorist or so later.

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