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 &Sir_Jesus: [19:53:35] <~uhm> jony is the meme generator
 &Sir_Jesus: meme
 &Sir_Jesus: mememememememe
 &Sir_Jesus: stop that gay shit
 &Sir_Jesus: j0ny keeps talking about memes
 &Sir_Jesus: or rather how ptpm is full of memes
 &Sir_Jesus: its just our stuff

Though j0ny, Raid and uhm all agree that there's no better word so we will still call it meme:P

Dr. Digital Ham: how is meme related to the chans anyway? the word is older then the internet

This is a list of memes (AKA "our stuff") that ever happened in or after Generation Jesus.


People who are memes themselves

General list of memes

Quotes that are memes

  • "I'll do the bayside spawns soon" ~ Puppyluv, 2007
  • protect the prime minister with your lifes ~ Random guy on unofficial PtPM server, 2009
  • isnt it before midnight in urop ~ Raid, 2009
  • yall and yo small ass hds ~ uhm, 2009

Short memes

Also see

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