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Protect the Prime Minister has been around for many, many years and history goes back as mankind can remember.


Ancient epoch (before 2006)

Not many people know what happened in this foggy part of the PTPMian empire. The Anti-Cheater clan seemed to be quite big in the day. Rumours say that even R3mp was part of it. Known people who lived in this age are:

Spark growler sniper89 Raid
R3mp PuppyLuv UH99 SpizzY
AcidZ Ephialtes Force4 Nalesnik
Matt88 Fearless CheeseDelux S3B3K
LordBelacqua Nylon Red_Dragon DJ_Nez
Flash Markos

The Dark Ages (2006)

Protect the Prime Minister was quite a thing. More people started to join the community and many people registered on the PtPM forums, which was maintained by PuppyLuv. A new clan started called FTG, lead by Number.

Ass Told By Norek (2008)

(its an as told by ginger spoof, uhm liked this show D:)

well i guess dis article will never b finsihed so i wud like to put a smaller version of whats happened D:

  • growler's server died. it was under attack by ddossers so the company asked him to shut it down
  • i started hosting the server D:
  • it died D:
  • i bought a new server and started it again D:
  • it died D:
  • then vatzec started a server D:
  • djnez wanted to revive the server and paid a bit for the server D:
  • vatzec server is still the present server D:
  • then a historical fact with a name happened: "The Breakup", this describes my leaving (see more in my article)
  • the server was shut down due to a lack of players

The shift from virtual into meat space (2014)

Many years after the game of PTPM had ended, a fraction of the community remained. Remp, uhm, Fats formerly known as Raid, sniper89 and Rambopappa had remained frequent visitors to the [#PTPM IRC] Channel.

During 2014 uhm visited sniper89 for the first official PTPM Meetup. [uhm] started the tradition that he bring an official PTPM t-shirt for a fictitious gaming association named "#PTPM Semi-Professional Gaming". During this meeting in Krakòw, Poland, visits were made to the zoo, an escaperoom game, the historical city center and the Auschwitz concentration camp. Many visits were made to a restaurant named "Tribecca". This particular eatery/drinkery serves **vacation beer**: a beer blend, served with a sweet watermelon syrup. The movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" was viewed at a local cinema with four roommates of sniper89.

In 2015 a second PTPM Meetup occured, once more in Krakòw. This meet was named **"The PTPM Code-a-thon"**. This time, Rambopappa, Number, sniper89 and uhm were present for the duration of a mere three to four days. During this event, ideas for the revival of PTPM were worked out. New concepts to the PTPM gameplay were sketched, and were documented on the PTPM Trello. Further activities included the Krakow mines, an escaperoom game, and a visit to a special café that had videogames as well as board games.

In 2016, the third ever PTPM Meetup happened in Barcelona. The members were J0ny, Rambopappa and uhm. The activities were mainly centered around the tourist exploration of the city, including the city zoo, a bus tour, many trips to the marina to take a look at yacht, due to uhm's temporary obsession with large ships because of Grand Theft Auto V: Multiplayer.

The Rebirth (2016)

In this year, Sir Jesus' army service had ended. He returned to the community, and partook in many online games with the remaining PTPM community members. Including Left 4 Dead 2 and GTA:V. Unfortunately, later that year he was send on another project abroad. Sir Jesus' return is the very essence of the new, official PTPM anthem: Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy.

Number had the surprising news that he had relaunched the PTPM server. At present time there was a new feature available for MTA server owners, named toplist. Effectively, it was a non-recurring donation to the MTA:SA project and in return, a high position was awarded to the server in the "unordered" list of available MTA servers. The investment paid off handsomely, as the average playercount during -and after- promotion had gone as high as 20 players. A playercount of old era levels. Jony had also returned to server, and became more active on the PTPM IRC channel.

The first ever new operator is named R1-one, the oldest personal friend of uhm to date.

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