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In this article we will point out why Protect the Prime Minister is the most glorious server in the history of free modifications for any game.

  • Even this day there is no other multiplayer game that supports 100 players. In the time of SA:MP 0.1b we reached this milestone. In addition we had over 60 players for several days.
I dunno dudes but AFAIR there were times when there were no free slots on a 100-player server.
  • The script is awesome. The latest SA:MP PtPM file counts over 12000 lines of code.
  • Protect the Prime Minister was on Dutch national television.

Protect the Prime Minister: addicting as FUCK

This could have been the title of the episode of the program on Nederland 1, one of the major Dutch television stations. A bloke told about his gaming addiction. In several scenes he was playing the game and you could see the Washington he was in as bodyguard. The game was obviously SA:MP and the server was PtPM. A few months after this news was posted on the old forums, one of the former operators confirmed his identity.

uhm tubed this for you

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